"Gold can be made elementally pure and brilliant to the eye only through submission tofire."  - From a "free rendering" of portions of Ch. 11 of the Bhagavata Purana by Adi Da Samraj[i]
Fasting and Fire:  Purification, Rebalancing, Regeneration
Over the past 12 weeks, passing through the catastrophic fire here in Lake County and facing the violent ripping away of so much of our lives, our spiritual community, as a collective, has been going through a tremendous process of purification, very close to a literal death process for many of us (in fact several animal companions did not survive and one of our friends is still missing and presumed dead). The landscape has stopped smouldering but is now simply ashen. And as Adi Da has instructed us "death is a radical fast" and fire is quite literally the principal, primal and potent elemental force of purification.